Whether you dabble in the SAFEX (South African Futures Exchange) on the JSE, wheeling and dealing in moving grain commodities across the country or, indeed the world, or whether you’re a consumer of grain products, you need to download the new free Senwes Grainlink App.

This app downloads in a flash from the Google and Apple App stores and immediately gives you an advantage in real time. The App has been designed specifically to source the most up-to-date and relevant information in the local and global grain market. So if you want to know what’s happening to white maize production, yellow maize, sunflower, sorghum and soya, you have to have this App. Not only will you be able to track the market via easily accessible information and graphs, you will also receive up-to-the-minute news on weather and rainfall patterns specific to your area in the country!

Whether your trade is local, or if you’re planning on going on a holiday overseas and you want to know the best exchange rate to get the most out of your Rand, and also where to use it most effectively in the global grain trade, the Senwes Grain App will have the latest variations on the exchange rate at the swipe of a screen. Download the App now and enjoy live pushed info ready and waiting for you to access it on command.

Frans Dreyer, Senwes’ Grain Brokers Manager says the App was motivated by customer needs. “Currently we send out market information via email and sms. Both of these channels have inherent constraints, from a cost and accessibility point of view. The App provides live, “fresh” as it were, information in real time, all the time for free. The client no longer has to contend with the 15 minute delay of price information. As an industry trend-setter we felt it imperative to develop this solution for our clients.”

Frans adds that the app is extremely user-friendly. “We are aware that certain sections of the market might be technologically challenged and not predisposed to app technology, however, the app is very easy to navigate. All sections are indicated clearly, the content of the app is structured, easy to read and includes familiar terminology, which should make the client experience enjoyable and informative. However, if this still sounds a bit foreign to some clients, they are welcome to call one of the Senwes Grainlink brokers who will guide them through the process step by step.”

Frans says that the app will be updated and improved upon constantly. There is always room for improvement and we will ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of the market to bring the client the latest developments and advantages. This app is definitely unique in terms of is structure, composition and the quality of the information and user friendliness of the entire experience.

But enough talk, scan the relevant QR-code with your smartphone or click on the link below the code to download the Senwes Grainlink app.

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